A Vegetarian in Paris, Part 1


I spent a month in Paris recently, and was pleasantly surprised to eat some wonderful vegan food there!

One of my favorite things to do, whenever I travel, is to explore the traditional dishes in different cultures, and I actually get a lot of ideas that way that I bring back home into my own way of eating.

I want to share with you some new recipe ideas that I’ve gotten and hopefully, give you some ideas as well.

I got a couple of ideas for great salads here in Paris:

1) Salade de Crudités

This popular salad tends to be a little more interesting than just a green salad and a little more filling. It’s just a base of lettuces with colorful piles of veggies. Here you’ll see a variety of lettuces with finely grated carrots, some cooked beets, and some pickled red cabbage (similar in flavor to Sauerkraut).

2) Salade Inca

Here’s a salad I ate probably about 10 times at a neighborhood cafe in Paris. It’s got red leaf lettuce, quinoa, and french lentils, plus avocado, sliced shallots, and julienned carrots. And it’s served with vinaigrette on the side. This is something I plan on incorporating at home for my lunches, and the components can actually be prepared ahead so all I have to do at lunch-time is slice up an avocado.

There were also a couple of cooked vegetable dishes I ate regularly.

3) One is called “Assiette de Legumes”, which is just plate of perfectly cooked assorted veggies. It can easily be a main dish if you serve it with a soup or salad on the side. Here you have steamed broccoli and caulilflower, some sautéed mushrooms and fennel, and steamed carrots. This elegant veggie platter makes a lovely light dinner.

4) You can also get wonderful Morrocan food in Paris, and I love the “Couscous Vegetarienne. If you’re gluten-free you could replace the couscous with millet or quinoa. The veggies on top are a braise of carrots, onion, zucchini, eggplant, and tomato–this is all sautéed together and then you add a little water and cinnamon, and cook everything covered until tender. It’s a wonderful warming dish on a cool spring day.

Keep an eye out for A Vegetarian in Paris, Part 2!

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