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My Delicious New Smoothie Recipes Thumbnail

Today, I’m sharing my latest smoothie recipes with you. (Spoiler Alert: If you’d like a healthy way to enjoy the flavor of peanut butter cups or heavenly blueberry ice cream, then you don’t want to miss this!) I’m always super excited when I’m writing to you with a brand new creation. And when it comes… Read More >>

My Favorite Savory Breakfast Recipes Thumbnail

Today I want to share some of my favorite savory breakfast recipes. Now, I generally love fruit and green smoothies for breakfast. But there are days when I don’t want to eat anything sweet in the morning. Sometimes that’s just because my tastebuds need a change of pace. Other times, I’m avoiding all sweets for… Read More >>

A Super Simple Smoothie in Seconds Thumbnail

Today I want to say goodbye to September and Green Smoothie Month by giving you a smoothie recipe that’s so simple you can make it in seconds. Whenever you make a smoothie, there are a few things you have to balance. On one hand, there’s nothing better than the light, refreshing quality of a smoothie… Read More >>

A Smoothie, Crisp and Refreshing as a Fall Morning Thumbnail

I want to continue celebrating the fact that September is Green Smoothie Month (because I say it is!) by sharing a recipe that’s crisp and refreshing as the morning air in September. One thing I love about September is that when the month starts, it still feels like summer, and when it ends, you know… Read More >>

A Scrumptious September Smoothie Recipe Thumbnail

Today I want to share with you a scrumptious smoothie recipe that’s perfect for September and the start of fall. Every fall I think about how much I love this time of year. It feels like a time for starting new things, turning inward just a bit, and putting a little more emphasis on self-care… Read More >>

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