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Soup and Salad For Lunch Thumbnail

It's a little bit cooler here in Oakland, CA than usual. So for lunch, I'm planning to make a hearty lentil soup, so I can refuel for an afternoon of work and errands. But to keep my meal 50% raw, I'm going to serve it with a green salad. Homemade Lentil Soup is so comforting and… Read More >>

6 Secrets to Perfect Raw Soup Thumbnail

The best raw soups need to be balanced and flavored carefully — not too salty, spicy, or rich-so that you can easily eat a whole bowlful. There are 6 components in a perfectly balanced raw vegetable soup: Water Vegetables Citrus juice Salt Seasonings Fat Here's a recipe for my favorite raw soup. It tastes like… Read More >>

My Favorite Salad These Days — Hint, It’s Sweet! Thumbnail

Recently I was reading that beets, carrots, lemon juice, and walnuts are cleansing for your liver. In our stressful society, it's always a good idea to cleanse your liver! But as a chef, my mind always goes for taste first. So immediately I started thinking beets, carrots, lemon, how about a little orange in there… Read More >>

Cabbage Salad — So Good It’ll Surprise You Thumbnail

Something about the phrase "Cabbage Salad" sounds a little boring, doesn't it? Well, I want to make a pitch for poor old cabbage salad - because it's become one of my absolute favorite lunches lately! Cabbage has a few advantages over lettuce at lunch time, and deserves to be in your regular rotation. Here's why… Read More >>

A New Old Favorite Fall Flavor Thumbnail

It’s time we talk about an old favorite fall flavor of mine. But this version is somewhat new to me. Now, when I think of fall and the holidays we celebrate this time of year, one thing that comes to mind is the wonderful flavor of roasted squash. But the squash I ate most of… Read More >>

A Practically Perfect Meal That’s Satisfying and Fast Thumbnail

You hear a lot about “bowls” these days—one-dish meals that usually include a grain, bean, or other protein, along with cooked and/or raw veggies. I love bowls because, when done well, they’re a practically perfect meal that’s satisfying and fast (not to mention deliciously simple and healthy). And if you’d like to keep your diet… Read More >>

5 Ways to Eat a High Raw Dinner Thumbnail

Today I want to talk about five easy ways you can eat a high-raw dinner. Now the reason I’m talking about dinner is this seems to be the biggest challenge for people when it comes to eating a healthy meal that’s high-raw. That’s because dinner is more of a social meal, and a time when… Read More >>

A Vegetarian in Paris, Part 2 Thumbnail

Welcome to A Vegetarian in Paris Part 2! You might think if you’re traveling in France and trying to eat vegetarian, you have to limit yourself to salads but that’s not true. You can actually eat at the most gourmet restaurants if you want to. Now I know not everyone will want to spend money… Read More >>

A Vegetarian in Paris, Part 1 Thumbnail

I spent a month in Paris recently, and was pleasantly surprised to eat some wonderful vegan food there! One of my favorite things to do, whenever I travel, is to explore the traditional dishes in different cultures, and I actually get a lot of ideas that way that I bring back home into my own… Read More >>

How to Make Sauerkraut Thumbnail

Fermented foods are great for your digestion and health and today I’d like to tell you how to make Sauerkraut, which is the easiest, tastiest way I’ve found to include fermented foods in my diet. You can buy Sauerkraut, and I do this sometimes for convenience, but it’s actually quite easy to make your own… Read More >>

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