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Getting Smart About Nuts Thumbnail

When it comes to nuts, a lot of raw food enthusiasts have gotten a bit nutty. So today I want to help you get smart about nuts. (And then share another of my favorite recipes.) Here are a couple common, bad approaches to eating nuts: Every day snack on several large handfuls of nuts followed… Read More >>

3 Secret Sauces That Make Food Amazing Thumbnail

Today I’m going to reveal three of my favorite secret sauces— guaranteed to make healthy dishes taste amazing. Many of us can remember a time when “health food” was associated with lack of flavor. But I say we put that idea to rest once and for all! Vegetarian…vegan…raw…it should all taste great. And it can—if… Read More >>

A Terrific, 5-minute Lunch or Dinner on the Go Thumbnail

These days a lot of us always have at least five things we "should" be doing. And that means we often have only about five minutes to feed ourselves. It might seem like trying to eat well under these conditions is nearly impossible. But it can be done, and today I’m going to share with… Read More >>

Salad With Luscious Vegan Ranch Dressing Thumbnail

We all know it’s smart to eat lots of salad. But what’s the secret for transforming a salad from an I’m-eating-it-because-it’s-good-for-me item into the highlight of a meal? For me, it’s a luscious, creamy dressing. So… Today I’m going to share my Luscious Vegan Ranch Dressing with you. This dressing can actually make a salad… Read More >>

Kale And Quinoa Salad 3 Ways Thumbnail

You’re probably familiar with raw kale salad—it’s become very trendy in the last few years. Kale is one of the most nutritious greens, and when you cut and dress it the right way, it’s delicious raw. I try to eat lots of this incredibly good-for-you veggie, and having a great kale salad recipe makes that… Read More >>

Not Tuna Paté—An Amazing Salad Topper Thumbnail

I don’t know about you, but "salad for lunch" doesn’t always excite me, because I feel like it won’t be satisfying enough! The problem isn’t salad per se, it’s when a salad consists of nothing more than just lettuce, tomato, and cucumber, which isn’t enough for most people, either in terms of flavor or satisfaction… Read More >>

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