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10 Tasty Meals in Under 20 Minutes

Cabbage Salad — So Good It’ll Surprise You Thumbnail

Something about the phrase "Cabbage Salad" sounds a little boring, doesn't it? Well, I want to make a pitch for poor old cabbage salad - because it's become one of my absolute favorite lunches lately! Cabbage has a few advantages over lettuce at lunch time, and deserves to be in your regular rotation. Here's why… Read More >>

A New Old Favorite Fall Flavor Thumbnail

It’s time we talk about an old favorite fall flavor of mine. But this version is somewhat new to me. Now, when I think of fall and the holidays we celebrate this time of year, one thing that comes to mind is the wonderful flavor of roasted squash. But the squash I ate most of… Read More >>

A Recipe For Pure Pleasure Thumbnail

Today I’m going to give you another of my favorite recipes, and it’s one that I eat for pure pleasure. It delights my tastebuds and gives me a wonderful buzz. Now, there was a time when delighting your tastebuds and eating healthfully seemed mutually exclusive. Back in the 1970’s, a lot of people cringed when… Read More >>

A Practically Perfect Meal That’s Satisfying and Fast Thumbnail

You hear a lot about “bowls” these days—one-dish meals that usually include a grain, bean, or other protein, along with cooked and/or raw veggies. I love bowls because, when done well, they’re a practically perfect meal that’s satisfying and fast (not to mention deliciously simple and healthy). And if you’d like to keep your diet… Read More >>

My Favorite Savory Breakfast Recipes Thumbnail

Today I want to share some of my favorite savory breakfast recipes. Now, I generally love fruit and green smoothies for breakfast. But there are days when I don’t want to eat anything sweet in the morning. Sometimes that’s just because my tastebuds need a change of pace. Other times, I’m avoiding all sweets for… Read More >>

One Week or Less to a Kitchen You Love Thumbnail

There’s something most people overlook that can have a profound effect on your ability to eat well everyday. I’m talking about your kitchen. That’s why I want to give you a plan for turning your kitchen into one that you’ll love in one week or less. Now, I know that cleaning and organizing your kitchen… Read More >>

A Super Simple Smoothie in Seconds Thumbnail

Today I want to say goodbye to September and Green Smoothie Month by giving you a smoothie recipe that’s so simple you can make it in seconds. Whenever you make a smoothie, there are a few things you have to balance. On one hand, there’s nothing better than the light, refreshing quality of a smoothie… Read More >>

A Smoothie, Crisp and Refreshing as a Fall Morning Thumbnail

I want to continue celebrating the fact that September is Green Smoothie Month (because I say it is!) by sharing a recipe that’s crisp and refreshing as the morning air in September. One thing I love about September is that when the month starts, it still feels like summer, and when it ends, you know… Read More >>

A Scrumptious September Smoothie Recipe Thumbnail

Today I want to share with you a scrumptious smoothie recipe that’s perfect for September and the start of fall. Every fall I think about how much I love this time of year. It feels like a time for starting new things, turning inward just a bit, and putting a little more emphasis on self-care… Read More >>

5 Ways to Eat a High Raw Dinner Thumbnail

Today I want to talk about five easy ways you can eat a high-raw dinner. Now the reason I’m talking about dinner is this seems to be the biggest challenge for people when it comes to eating a healthy meal that’s high-raw. That’s because dinner is more of a social meal, and a time when… Read More >>

Get My Free Collection of Healthy Go-to Meals!

10 Tasty Meals in Under 20 Minutes