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10 Tasty Meals in Under 20 Minutes

A Vegetarian in Paris, Part 2 Thumbnail

Welcome to A Vegetarian in Paris Part 2! You might think if you’re traveling in France and trying to eat vegetarian, you have to limit yourself to salads but that’s not true. You can actually eat at the most gourmet restaurants if you want to. Now I know not everyone will want to spend money… Read More >>

A Vegetarian in Paris, Part 1 Thumbnail

I spent a month in Paris recently, and was pleasantly surprised to eat some wonderful vegan food there! One of my favorite things to do, whenever I travel, is to explore the traditional dishes in different cultures, and I actually get a lot of ideas that way that I bring back home into my own… Read More >>

There’s Nothing Worse Than Airport Food Thumbnail

Recently I took a month-long trip to Paris, which was great! But I wanted to arrive feeling my best, and was determined to eat as healthfully during the 11-hour flight. There’s nothing worse than airport and airplane food, and I wanted to avoid it at all costs! Today I want to share the easiest (but… Read More >>

How to Make Sauerkraut Thumbnail

Fermented foods are great for your digestion and health and today I’d like to tell you how to make Sauerkraut, which is the easiest, tastiest way I’ve found to include fermented foods in my diet. You can buy Sauerkraut, and I do this sometimes for convenience, but it’s actually quite easy to make your own… Read More >>

Getting Smart About Nuts Thumbnail

When it comes to nuts, a lot of raw food enthusiasts have gotten a bit nutty. So today I want to help you get smart about nuts. (And then share another of my favorite recipes.) Here are a couple common, bad approaches to eating nuts: Every day snack on several large handfuls of nuts followed… Read More >>

Getting Inspired By Restaurant Menus Thumbnail

When you’ve been making the same few dishes day after day and need some inspiration, there’s a great place to look. I’m talking about restaurant menus. Now, I definitely don’t mean the menus of world-renown, Michelin three-star eating establishments. There’s a reason we pay award-winning chefs top dollars to make us complicated, exotic meals: So… Read More >>

4 Ultra-Easy Steps to Eating 50% Raw Thumbnail

People often tell me that they think getting more raw food into their diet will take a lot of effort. But it can actually be very easy if you make just a few simple changes. So today I want to share four ultra-simple steps you can take to ensure you eat at least 50% raw… Read More >>

How to SHORTEN Your Grocery List Thumbnail

Today I want to talk about how you can shorten your grocery list—and save time and money in the process. Now, is it just me, or has grocery shopping gotten more annoying? I don’t know if it’s like this everywhere, but in the Bay Area, where I live, in the evening or on weekends just… Read More >>

Healthy Snacks You Can Carry with You! Thumbnail

If you’re committed to healthy eating, there’s nothing more important than having healthy snacks you can carry with you. Why? Because long stretches on the go between meals can lead you to ravenously grabbing whatever’s closest. And that’s usually something dreadful, filled with nasty stuff and empty calories. I mean, seriously, have you ever tried… Read More >>

3 Secret Sauces That Make Food Amazing Thumbnail

Today I’m going to reveal three of my favorite secret sauces— guaranteed to make healthy dishes taste amazing. Many of us can remember a time when “health food” was associated with lack of flavor. But I say we put that idea to rest once and for all! Vegetarian…vegan…raw…it should all taste great. And it can—if… Read More >>

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10 Tasty Meals in Under 20 Minutes