Teacher Training Certification

When you love plant-based food, sometimes that love is trying to tell you something.


“What I’d REALLY love to do is create an amazing business around healthy, plant-based
food that makes life better for other people.”

Is that a secret whisper you’ve been experiencing?

If it is, then The Tasty Life Teacher Training Certification Program is for you. You’ll…

Get the training, support, and step-by-step mentorship you need to start an amazing business around healthy food — or take your existing business to the next level—THIS YEAR.

What You’ll Be Able To Do With This Certification:

Become a Healthy Food and Lifestyle Coach

Create coaching services based on your unique vision for improving lives through healthy food.

Become a Healthy Cooking Teacher

Master the skills for developing signature, ready-to- teach, professional cooking classes and workshops.

Offer Dynamic Healthy Food and Lifestyle Talks that Draw Clients to You

Create signature healthy food talks and demos that educate, entertain, and initiate the
kind of food choices and lifestyle changes you’d like to see in the world — and let prospective clients know exactly who you are, what you’re here to do, and why they should work with you.

What You’ll Gain From This Training:

  • A clear vision of what you want to teach and coach people about healthy food and the support you need to make it happen
  • The skills for developing signature, ready-to-offer workshops, cooking classes, and coaching services
  • An understanding of the practical techniques that make you an effective coach
  • The ability to create, test, and write professional-quality recipes (using a unique
    system that lets you create hundreds of recipes per year without adding a lot of
    time to your schedule)
  • Confidence around charging well for your services
  • The marketing know-how to attract plenty of clients

What’s Included In The Training:

  • Three (1-hour) training calls per month that take you through the steps of creating
    and launching your business, attracting clients, and building your reputation as a
    go-to expert on healthy cooking and eating.
  • Held on Tuesdays (time to be determined), all calls are recorded and come with
    the program
  • Complete step-by-step teacher training curriculum and workbook
  • Six 20-minute private coaching sessions (with a Tasty Life coach)
  • One LIVE 3-day retreat ($2,000 Value)
  • Two 3-hour virtual workshops ($1800 value)
  • One done-for-you healthy plant-based cooking workshop ($900 value)
  • Daily access to Jennifer Cornbleet and the Tasty Life team in the private forum

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Why I Created This Certification Program

“Doing what you love, earning a great living, and making a big, positive difference isn’t just for other people—YOU get to do it too!”


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Jennifer, just wanted to give you a big “Thank you” for your support. I have progressed so much in this training business-wise as well as personally. I never thought I’d be at this level: Booking talks, approaching people, being open, moving through my fears… and so much more. I feel very blessed.

— Claudia Souschek

Thank you, Jennifer, for all the time and attention you have given me in getting my classes put together. I am very passionate about the benefits of nutrition and have studied extensively, but even with my deep passion for this area, I still found myself not moving forward. There was always some reason to not teach classes. First, I didn’t think I had sufficient culinary skills, then I didn’t have a suitable location, then I didn’t have time, and then I needed help supporting me as a teacher, but I couldn’t figure out what my help would be doing exactly. Bottom line, all I really needed was confidence and organization. And with your help, I learned exactly what I needed to be doing, when, where and how. Thanks to you, my raw food career is on the move instead of just stuck in my dreams!

— Jeannie Hughes

Before The Tasty Life Teacher Training program, I had no plan or structure in place for how to get clients. I was inconsistent with my marketing and feared putting myself out there. This training has been a total game changer, as I started believing in myself and my business.

The program provided me with a step-by- step process I could easily follow and put into practice. My first talk had an attendance of over 100 people! I tripled my investment in the program within 3 months, and have sold 3 (6-month) coaching programs at $4200 each and 7 one-day intensives, at $1500 each.

Unlike many other coaches, Jennifer did not paint any false pictures of quickly making 5K in a month. Instead, she gave us the template to create a business that is fueled with passion and creativity where the sky is the limit as long as you follow the system. There could not be a better mentor than Jennifer, who is honest and shares her expertise with an open heart. She gently gets you back on track if you steer off. If you want accountability and support to grow your successful business, The Tasty Life Teacher Training is for you.

— Kiran Ram

Jenny Cornbleet has been a huge inspiration to me! She helped me get over my fear of public speaking and motivated me to do plant-based talks in my community, which I am greatly enjoying. 

She also inspired me to set up my first vegan cooking classes and gave me valuable insights on how to do it effectively. She gives personalized attention and helps me feel supported every step of the way.

I highly recommend her Tasty Life Teacher Training to anyone wanting to share their passion for healthy eating with the world. Thanks Jenny for being a wonderful teacher and mentor!”

— Kathleen Kastner

I’m a 67-years- young former chef and teacher, having spent my whole life with no clear path until recently. Before Tasty Life Teacher Training, I was just focusing on teaching classes with no idea what else I could do. But so many more possibilities have opened up, and I’m looking forward to a very exciting future now! As a result of the training, I now know that I am good enough and feel much more confident to get out there and go for my dreams.

— Sally Rees

I had been dreaming about turning my passion for healthy food into a business, but didn’t know where to start. The sheer volume of things to learn before I could even take the next step was overwhelming. I didn’t have guidance or a community to lean on and I wasn’t even suremy dream was feasible at all.

Now, thanks to The Tasty Life Teacher Training program, I have a step-by-step working business model, and I constantly receive support from Jennifer and the coaches. I have been given a great, proven structure to build my business, where I can add my creative ideas (which, by the way, started flowing during the training). I am clearer with my message and inspired to keep going. I am getting known in my community for educating people about healthy eating—I have started my private coaching practice, and I am planning to offer group cooking classes soon.

For anybody who wants to build a business making people's life better, in this case, one plate at a time, I would highly recommend working with Jennifer. She is the best guide you will find out there, with tons of expertise. She can propel you in your business and life!

— Viktoriya Gilbey

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