Teacher Training Certification


Unit 1: What Am I Truly Here to Do?

Form a vision for your business that totally lights you up, identify your ideal clients or students, and develop a dynamic presence in your community that draws just the right people to you.

In this unit, we will:

  • Discover what you feel most passionate about that relates to healthy food and how you can turn that into your business
  • Create an engaging talk and food demo that connects you with your ideal audience — letting prospective clients know exactly who you are, what you’re here to do, and why they should work with you
  • Develop a plan for booking and giving your talk in places where your ideal audience goes
  • Prepare to interact with your audience in a way that inspires them and leaves them wanting more
  • Practice strategies for building lasting connections at your talk—connections that lay a foundation for your audience to become paying clients
  • Form a plan for partnering with other local business owners so you have the power to reach more people, and the connection and support that makes building a business fun

Unit 2: How to Create a One-Day, Private Intensive to Develop Your Expertise and Deliver Big Results

Get the inside scoop on crafting a private, one-day intensive on healthy eating and living that produces lasting improvements for your clients.

In this unit, we will:

  • Design a one-day, private intensive that creates quick results for your clients and generates good money and ongoing coaching clients for you
  • Uncover the most common desires people have when it comes to health and wellness, so you can create enticing offerings
  • Identify the structure that will make your one-day intensive about healthy eating and wellness awesomely effective and a lot of fun to teach
  • Establish what you’ll charge for your one-day intensive

Unit 3: Wait…Offering My Services and Charging What I REALLY Want for Them Can Feel Good?

How to offer your services in a way that feels great to you and leaves your potential clients eager to say yes.

In this unit, we will:

  • Practice making offers that turn your audience into paying clients
  • Use an approach to connect with prospective clients that’s about giving rather than getting and emphasizes making a difference over making a sale
  • Investigate and break through any internal blocks you may have around setting your fees
  • Explore the most common concerns that can lead people who want to say yes to working with you to say no instead—and role-play how to get them to yes in a way they’ll appreciate

Unit 4: What’s the Secret to Becoming a Successful and Effective Coach?

How to inspire people to embrace their dreams, jump into action, and finally claim the life they want.

In this unit, we will:

  • Practice the skills that enable you to help anyone achieve their goals
  • Define the personal traits needed to be an inspiring and magnetic coach, and develop a plan to embody them
  • Explore the strategies that make a one-on-one coaching session effective, and different from consulting, teaching, or counseling
  • Prepare high-end coaching packages to offer that create big transformations for your clients and great income for you

Unit 5: Make Me a Master at Recipe Development!

Uncover your creative kitchen genius to develop delectable dishes and write recipes like a pro.

In this unit, we will:

  • Analyze your own palate and the basic flavors you enjoy most
  • Acquire the critical skills for developing amazing recipes
  • Practice techniques that set your creativity free—in the kitchen, and in life
  • Apply a strategy that enables you to create 200 recipes a year, even if you’re
    busy—so you can teach tons of classes or write a book
  • Establish a process that keeps your grocery bills down and your enthusiasm up
    as you are recipe testing

Unit 6: Make Me the Kind of Teacher and Leader Students Love!

Designing effective group classes, workshops and retreats your audiences will adore — and you’ll adore teaching!

In this unit, we will:

  • Choose a topic and title for your first group class or workshop that your target audience will find irresistible
  • Develop your classes and workshops using a proven structure that ensures they’re well
    paced, engaging, and highly informative
  • Create great signature content that can be repurposed as short classes, a workshop or full retreats
  • Identify the ideal venues for offering your classes and workshops
  • Prepare to give food demos your students will find as delicious as the food itself
  • Devise a plan for being so organized as you create your classes and workshops that you show up relaxed, confident, and filled with joy to be at the front of the room
  • Get familiar with what it takes to offer full retreats and how you can develop them based on what you love teaching and what your audience wants

Unit 7: How Do I Build Connection with My Target Audience?

Creating not-to-be-missed newsletters and a welcoming website to draw the right people your way.

In this unit, we will:

  • Discuss strategies for generating creative ideas that connect with your audience
  • Explore the elements that will make your newsletters a treat for your audience to
    receive—and motivate them to want more from you
  • Establish the features you need in your website so it draws people to you and
    helps drive sales

Unit 8: Make My Future Magnificent!

Integrating everything you’ve learned and creating a compelling vision for your
business in the years to come.

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